New Artisanal Cheeses a Natural for Pineland Farms and Bangor

New Artisanal Cheeses a Natural for Pineland Farms and Bangor

Workforce and Milk Supply Responding to Expanded Market Demands

BANGOR, Maine – Pineland Farms Cheese recently launched two new cheeses responding to consumer cravings for handcrafted, premium flavors: a Cotswold-style cheese featuring chives, onion, and garlic, along with a Southwest cheddar packing heat.

The Cotswold-style (dubbed “New Gloucester”) has already claimed a coveted gold medal from the American Cheese Society national taste competition.

Pineland Farms’ creamery location in the heart of Maine milk country, coupled with greater Bangor’s stable workforce, have been keys to the company’s ability to adapt. “We have over 150,000 people right here in the Bangor area and still are within an hour’s drive to all our milk,” said Mark Whitney, Pineland Farms Cheese President. “Those factors have allowed us to respond

quickly to tremendous nationwide growth in the specialty cheese segment,” he added.

Jim Lesser, a dairy industry veteran who heads up Pineland’s sales and marketing, points to sustained consumer demand for handcrafted, artisanal products. “Our customers are highly tuned into where their products come from, and quality really matters. We are uncompromising about every step so that we can assure the best possible products from every batch,” said Lesser.

Pineland Farms finished its new Bangor cheesemaking facility in late 2018, a 70,000 square foot building formerly operated by industry giant Dean Foods for fluid products. “This facility was built for efficiency, and we are already looking to upsize some cheesemaking vats,” added Whitney.

pineland farms southwest cheddar

The newly launched flavors complement an existing array of traditional cheeses offered by Pineland Farms. Other potential initiatives include kosher products, expanded fresh cheese curd, and co- manufacturing.

Whitney’s lifelong passion is to pass along legacy cheesemaking skills to next generations. “My vision is to see central Maine become a hub for artisanal cheesemaking here in the Northeast. That may sound far-fetched, but there’s no reason it couldn’t happen right here,” Whitney said.

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