Our Cows

Pineland Farms milk and cheese products wouldn’t be as good as they are without the freshest, creamiest milk from Maine farms.

Our milk comes from two distinct breeds of dairy cattle:

Registered Holsteins

Holsteins are the most recognizable dairy cows in the world, with their beautiful black and white color markings (something we’re quite fond of!). Holsteins have the highest milk production rates among dairy breeds, and easily adapt to changing climates- a must for anyone living in Maine! A mature Holstein can weigh more than 1,500lbs and can produce 12 or more gallons of milk each day. Our cheesemaking started with milk from the registered Holsteins at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, and we’re proud to source milk from many other Holsteins throughout the State of Maine.

Registered Jerseys

Jersey cows may be smaller than their Holstein cousins- topping out at about 1,100lbs- but their milk packs a nutritional punch with a higher protein, calcium and butterfat content. And the best thing about these brown beauties is their temperament: Jerseys are among the most pleasant and docile dairy breeds. Milk from Maine raised Jersey cows gives our cheese and milk blends the added creamy flavor that sets us apart.